Assalamu'alaikum wbt and hi

Starting by today, I'm going to start writing posts labelled #photography

As foreword, I was inspired by a guy that's a year older than me and have the same common interest with me nice one.
He does Vegas, photography and planning to discover musics.
1 more thing humble and friendly and.
Good taste of musics.
Sense of humor.
What am I talking about ignore it.
He shows great photos of his photographs and most of them are beautiful.
However he's team Canon and I'm Nikon but honestly I love Canon more than Nikon because of some abilities of Canon that tallied with my skills. I mean such as about filming, it would ease my work.

Just saying, I don't mean I'm on a good level either I'm just normal girl that's taking science being.
Unlike the guy, he's taking photography I guess he would concentrate more in photography and filming.


King Of Restoration nah thought I would be able to do
the Inversed Square Law but I have no great utilities.

Just wondering if these two are the same type of lenses.
Looks like the same. But I believe it's not hopefully.


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