Happy Birthday Adam

Assalamu'alaikum wbt and hi

Here in Labuan FT Malaysia GMT +8, when I'm writing this, it's 2 minutes before 12 am (11:58pm) of July 5th 2014.
I know EST is still Friday 4th July 11:58 am

I feel like going to post some thoughts of me about Owl City - is that make sense

Haha potato jk

You're 28 now. Wow we're just have 10 years of gap. That doesn't matter jk
So Adam Young, which is also Owl City
talking about him at this midnight while listening to his music I am really really feeling deep.
With his adorable voice ughh
Ohh yess, #BeyondTheHillsOfOwlCity is now trending in Twitter cuz one of our Hoot Owl is handling a virtual birthday party on Twitter and going to release her music for Adam. :D
Few weeks ago, I've thought and tweeted about "When #HootOwl girl meets #HootOwl boy a happy love story begins" and some Hoot Owls agreed with the statement. That really make sense somehow. Because Hoot Owls have their own way of life ( lol ) I mean I can see they're in good manners due to Adam the considered leader of Hoot Owls that give good vibes. Yess his musics are most of them, especially his latest EP Ultraviolet, lyrically sad and deep while it's melody is happy and cheerful ( I guess ).

It's more to like he's trying to understand no he's understanding you like you can bring any of his songs through your good or bad day whenever you want. You'll feel like writing the whole songs all about you I guess I'd never feel like this for the other artists I've ever being fan of.

Another great thing about us Hoot Owl is Adam consider us as his friend lol that might sounds weird in reality but nah even it's just virtual this humble guy name Adam really consider us as friends and I'm like yuckkk this old guy he's not my friend jk.

Adam is... Humble. Yes really humble I've never found another great artist in his level that would interact, socialize and share things with fans. He shared lots of his history (or memory or whatever) in his instagram and all the stories are sound really humbly spoken. Like some of his school background, subjects and family.

Sometimes I feel like I have some common personalities no I mean I can relate him this sounds crazy though but nevermind reading his stories of past really remind me of myself in the past.
But I can see his past is harder than me.

Some snippets about his interesting life stories that might affects you be like, he graduated high school and thinking about what his life is going to be then he wrote musics and call himself as Owl City and all his friends is history.
He is always feeling grateful for what he has and will always do the best now because for him, anytime unknowingly some things might become what he had.
The most thing I relate him is in that particular time, everyone hates him
and in school everyone is annoyed with him and he found everyone is annoying.
He didn't like to socialize in public ( I'm not sure now )
When people try to talk to him like trying to socialize with him, he's just like *I don't want to talk*.

Some of his best lines of songs,
My heart's burning bad and it's turning black but I'm learning how to be stronger.
It's just a beginning this isn't the end.
This fight of my life is so hard but I'm gonna survive, these are beautiful times.
Cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.
I'll forget the world that I knew, but I swear I won't forget you.
If my heart was a compass you'd be north.
I can still feel your heart beat fast when you dance with me.
I walk slowly when I feel alone ( do you feel alive? ) yeah but frankly I still feel alone.
You can't whisper above the thunder but you can fly anywhere.
Picture paints a thousand words.
Don't look back.
Is it over yet, will I ever smile again?
A jumble of footprints and hasty steps I can't retrace.
A mountain of things I still regret.
I'll be out of my mind and you'll be out of ideas pretty soon.
There's an underwater Ferris Wheel.
I'm blushing all the way home.
The Sun hung from a string looking down on the world as it warms over everything.
Risk it all cause I'll catch you if you fall.

Many more! Like the whole lyrics of all of his songs!


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