Week 14 : The busy week.

Week 14 has been passed for weeks ago.
From the title, then you know why am I posting it this late.

Yeah. I've been many tasks to finish.
Now, final exam is just around the corner.
Just few weeks left before I leave this college.

Then good bye!

Anyway that's not all I'm talking about.
It's just week 14.
Where it starts with...

Submit your program here.
Pseudocode and flow chart.

Due date on week 14, Monday.

We've been worked for it from Friday to Monday.

This is the results.

Photos by @IkaCklat

Well it doesn't seems too long. But I bet our flow chart works well. Maybe there's some silly mistakes
but... Let bygones be bygones.
What I'm really sure is just that the pseudocode is completely wrong.
I guess that's the main reason why does we've been disqualified.

Amy submits our submission.

This is the most epic submission we have. Where we just wrote the pseudocode on the day of deadline! Hope you can think when did we submit. Maybe few minutes after the deadline? Haha.

By the way. Not just that.
On Monday, as usual, my class schedule is all subjects tutorial! Except Computer Science. So... I have to do them.

On Wednesday if I wasn't wrong, we got the Interview Program but... Maybe that was 1 week ago. Nvm forget about it. Skip this day.

On Thursday, I was going to have the Chemistry Quiz at night. So I have to study them.

On Friday yeah that night. We have to set up our booth for our Physics CID ( C... Innovation... D... - I hope at least the I is correct ). During Physics Week... With theme... The future engineer! Hahaha. I guess. :O
So that night, we have set up until 12 am. Then back to my dorm, I prepared some physics concepts about our project. Until 2 am just sleep. Then woke up at 6 am.
So, on Saturday, we present it! From 8 am until 4/5 pm. It's a competition. Our project was the Mini Projector and represented as Mini Alpha Projector. Yeahh.

Anyway we prepared it and on that day of competition, at 10 am, we just finished design our booth. That was wasting our presentation time. 2 hours of waste. :/
But we're still happy that we got a focused and somewhat sharp magnified image with our projector since that 10 am by some constructive comments that we got and keep improving it.

Ahh I was really enjoyed especially when one of the boy in that purple robotic group came. He's sooo cute that he suddenly gave me our voting card? What... I hope I have took it from him but unfortunately my friend kacau ishh. Talking to you, watching you by closer distance. Less than 1m. ;) Less than 15 cm. Hahaha lawl.
I'm not saying what, it's just at least I'm not annoying for him that's alright.
Now I bet he recognizes me. Because I can feel that. Especially after this Physics Week. Hahahah!!! Because I had previous 'chasing' past during our Citrabudaya carnival. Accidentally chased him. -___-

If my friends read this. I'm gonna die.

Finally... We got 2nd for our project! Congratulations to Mini Alpha Projector Booth! Also for Purple group. Love you. <3 I mean love you my group members.
Our group members consist of :

  • Josephine.
  • Marychell.
  • Aisyah.
  • Miemy. 


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