Sunday, March 9, 2014


Assalamu'alaikum wbt and hi!!!


I just bought this and it's time to restring! :D

Elixir NANOWEB Phosphor Bronze Light 12 - 53 Acoustic Guitar Strings

1 set strings
 So now... It's time to restring. How about if we take a look on the guitar previous looks? :)


The body.

Bottom part of the neck...

'Halfly' fully.

Take out the old strings...

The only thing you can see on the guitar is just DUST DUST DUST.
 So I decided to clean it.
Now it looks better! Looks some kind of... Maybe newer. I mean it really looks better.

In fact, after I restring it with the Elixir. It really really really looks nice. Gorgeous.

Elixir on Stagg.

This is what I call... jungsungha Spirit.

That's all. Anyway.
After 2 weeks then,
I just got it tuned.
It's really hard since I'm not in leisure.
So you want me to make some reviews?
It really sounds really nice. Sounds light. Easy to handle.
Easier for me to make slides, harmonics and hammering.
Good tone.
Maira Gall