What happen?

I have no idea what am I suppose to talk. It's just, too many!
Too many problems, works, ideas to think to do to whatsoever.
The main problem of me is easily psyched. Over thinking. That's all.
Also, this is how my voice really is.
Anyway, I just memorize that I supposed to write about the Merdeka Raya celebration in my college. :3

It was so sweet but I guess it's better for me to keep my mouth shut of talking something like that in public like this... Since... I don't think I have feeling towards my crush anymore.
As I can feel and see, that I was no longer became that AGGRESSIVE as before like what my friend told me.
Yesss during the Merdeka Raya, I wore baju kurung white + black color with grey-like tudung.
Then both of 'them' wore the same. I mean, one wore black and one more wore grey. ;)
Maybe you can't understand what I was crapping but thanks for reading. :)
One more thing, I've being hit with problems of ____ and in love with study that makes me less normal than usual people who would fall in love with the person they love but my heart is for my study now because I think study is better than love because it makes you look not as usual girls like me hahahahahaha what am I talkinggg.


During Merdeka Raya. It was just nice and exciting. :D

Account right in front of me. I mean 'right' and 'in front' of me.

This is another...


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