Monday, August 5, 2013


Assalamu'alaikum wbt and hi there! Now I'm having my holiday. :3
But just one week. :/
I've been rather busy during study. In my college. Not just busy, but also no internet to online or blogging.
Someone said that;
In the college, you gonna miss your home.
In home, you gonna miss your college.
At first, I ignore that. But thinking about my crush. AWWW. Hahaha awful.
He's the reason I support the statement. I really miss my college. :D

About the pictures below. Sad to know that I took this picture with the camera...
Which I supposed to make a video.
But no one support me...
Only 1 / 4 for of my group member cooperated partially with me. :(
That time I already busy with works, then I've to finish the video base also. :'(
But nvm forget about that because I already forgot. Hihi. :)

Planning to make the camwhore theory. Nooo. >:(

Me and my classmate CP1T08. ^^

My class picture. That was during the big iftar* on... I forgot.
Ohh yeaa. I almost forgot, my ex-teacher also had spent us (me and all SMKM's students) iftar's meal on... Also forgot.
Because my ex-teacher is now become a lecture in my college! ^^

Finally, about today. This evening I was dreaming about. Ghost?
I dreamed that I was guiding a (chinese) boy. He drove me. We were chasing Chinese children (ghosts) that is so rude. They also like do multi-religion pray. But finally we're safe like in heaven hahaaa. After I wokeup suddenly think about a boy. (Have you ever been like this? :O) - Like a story? -___- Anyway my point is I'm afraid with that rude ghost children. It was an eveningmare.


Iftar* - Breakfast.
Maira Gall