Friendship. ♥

Back to 2013, I mean from my previous post, I mentioned of my 2012. Now it's 2013.
Now, sometimes, I confuse. Who's my best friends? I just have about 2 - 3 best friends? Or less?
I'll mention them:

  1. Xeira
  2. Sky
  3. Thunder
That's their nickname.
Actually, I don't know what to say no more. (That is That XX lyrics. Hahaha.)
Some of my friends are false - I won't consider them as friends anyway.
If someone, anyone, who just take advantage on me, well that's enough. I still have my best friends to help me, or my family, or MYSELF.
I always do things myself because I want to see what happen if I do something on my own effort, my own ability. I can handle it or not? Looks like this is now my behaviour, not a trying things anymore.
I can see, some times, they are still my friends those who needs me when I need them.
I was something like, "Ohh, I forgot that you're there only when you need me."
I don't know this is just a feeling or what. But I admit I'm selfish. The problem is, this is my natural bad characteristic. I can't change. Maybe if I change, I won't have what talents I have now, or future.
1 more thing, maybe I'm the one who was a false friend.
I find my friends only when I need them. Am I?
Maybe that's why I can feel it now. Anyway I'm sorry. I hope everyone forget who was my bad.

Me and Xeira.

I don't know why everytime Xei took my photo,
I'll look soooooooo.... funny - not bea_tiful.
But good thing is, it's HD - but I'd compressed it.

I say the same again as picture above.

Sincerely, friendship is better.
I'm trying to be a good friend. I'm not pretty like my friends but I still try to be the best.
I'll try to make you happy, laugh and enjoy with me. 


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