Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Perfect Siblings.

Just now me and my sister supposed to send my aunty to the airport. Because she had a flight to KK.
My parents are working. Our car left is in the porch. Few days ago, when we were decided to go out, the porch was locked - thought the keys are home. But unfortunately, my daddy unrealized that he'd brought it. So we can't go.

But today, the porch key are there, but the problem is... The car's key isn't there. Well every car have their own duplicate key isn't it?
So we found it - but we knew, it's broken - no battery I mean + really broken Idk which part.
The flight was supposed to be... I'm not sure but we should come to check-in in 11 a.m. like that.
We planned to reach airport on 10:45 a.m. like that. But the problem was the key. We find, we find and we're pretty sure that my dad brought it.
We've tried to check-in via web. But it says: INVALID CHACK-IN TIME - We should check-in 90 mins before flight.
So with the duplicated key, the mission...

My brother: Find a spare battery (watch batt size). Fix the remote to make it undamaged. Haha.
The finally it's perfect. Haha. Since I'm writing this post while listening + watching awesome videos, I'm some kind of lazy to think what else should I write about.
Alright, finally, we send our aunt safely and that's all for today.

I have no idea does the title of this post is related to the content or not.

I took this photo.
Purely decorative image. Just to make this post has at least one picture.

Maira Gall