Bring back those memories

Just a few seconds ago, I looked back some of pictures of me on 2012. Not just me, I mean my friends, my stuffs, videos and so on. I admit, I really miss 2012 and I feel grateful to Allah for making me who I am on 2012. Because of those moments I can be like now! Great. So great.
I'd stressed a lot, cried a lot, worry a lot, anxious a lot, scared a lot, afraid a lot, but never give up a lot.
Because I'd happy a lot, laughed, smiled a lot, enjoy, discover a lot and everything!
Every time I give up, maybe it was just 1/10 of the give up, the rest, I decided to continue what I want.
That's my own choice while never give up is the only option to make me happy.
Some summaries of 2012? I guess it's too long. ><
I can almost handle myself - that's the point.

Here are some pictures that I took on 2012:

I drew a house! Maybe it's my dream house.
But I have no idea where did I keep it.

The stuffs. :')
Books, guitar, laptop, earphone, hair band, sunlight.

Ohh I miss you... But past is now a past.


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