Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm posting 2 posts in the same day, just different few minutes from previous one. That's awkward, but the reality is,
just now I went hangout with my friends. I'd planned to send those text books back to school but I'm late and I know it. So I just go through and just hangout.
I just came without reason?! No doubt, never wonder, I got spent by Maslina that's why I came.

( Just in case the thumbnail would be my face no I don't want )

I really love it when my friend, Thunder and I used to eat
with a pair of chopsticks! :D

Thank youuu. :3

I didn't post how did my slider looks like. But since I haven't change the 4 x 1 wooden block yet, I'm not going to post the looks. Haha but I'm going to post it in terms of this TEST!
Now let's see,

I took this picture when I was looking for the location,
it looks naturally beautiful. Haha.

The location.

I take this picture with higher shutter speed that's
why it looks darker.

This picture looks like Sakura flower.

Even though I never seen Sakura on my face.
But I know the color. Pink.

Again. Manual.

Still Manual.



Next location in portrait.

What you can see in the video.

Next location.

I prefer this place because it looks like autumn here.

Yup, the looks is now revealed.

This is the main place I used to plan.

But then, I saw many beautiful places, then I spread out recording there. (Just three locations anyway). -_-
Maira Gall