DIM (Do It Myself) DSLR Slider

It shall be DIY DSLR Slider.
But nevermind. I'm going to make it myself.
Before that, I tried to master the camera's Shutter, Aperture and ISO 1st. I took these photos and many more for test.

Shutter 1/40
Aperture F/5.6
(I'm not sure but I guess).

My sister's cook book. I love that vintage pillow.
I've changed the definition of these photos to 640 x 480 because I'm afraid it's gonna be to large.
So after I can understand a bit, now it's time for me to create my own slider.

So now, I'm going to prepare things for it first.

1st thing, I cut everything into my preferred length.
The results are these.

A pair of 1 x 1 woods with length...
As same as the width of 2 x 1 wooden block.
(Please continue reading and you'll understand).

A pair of 1 x 1 also.

Also, a pair of 1 x 1 but in different length. For what?

Here how it is going to look like.
(I made it square because my mount bolt is square,
depends on your mount bolt).

This is for the "mount bolt on your tripod to make your camera stick on the tripod as shown in picture below" to place onto. But if you have the original mount bolt (I mean you bought it specially for this slider), just drill it into the 2 x 1 wooden block. Don't need to do this. What for does 2 x 1 wooden block? Just continue reading. :D

Can you see that black square thing? The silver screw thing in
it I call it mount bolt.

Now here is the 2 x 1 wooden block.

Wire case.

4 x 1 (I guess) wooden block.

Now you can see where's those things are.
Then, I paint them. I use black and white.


The result? Just wait in the next post. But I guess I'm changing the 4 x 1 wooden block.
Because it looks so bad. I'm planning to change it to better look one.


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