Sunday, January 27, 2013


Last year I went to KL. I guess I already posted about that. So, we took pictures there. But all of them are in my brother's laptop. Because he studies there - Melaka (but still near KL compared with Labuan). So he can easily bring his laptop to anywhere around KL. Me and my mom was coming from Labuan so we didn't bring laptop because it's heavy. So those pictures in the camera was transferred into my bro's laptop. He didn't gave us - not all.
Last time, when I ask for those pictures, he said:
So, okayy, I'll wait. Until I forgot about that...
But tonight, I just receive it, he sent from Facebook Chat. Haha!
But only 1. Maybe the picture is too large for him to send and wasting time so he's not going to send all.
Nvm. I guess he already choose the best one, but if this was the best one, I think... I'm look so funny.
I'm ugly and I know it.

In hotel.

Good lighting anyway. Enough to make music video. Haha.

Maira Gall