Saturday, January 26, 2013


Now I begin to addict on keyboards and pianos.
I never played it - Once but it was when I was too noob in music.
Now I know some of basics, so I would like to have one. I really really want to feel the feeling of playing grand piano, but I know it's too expensive for now. So I decided to buy upright piano or keyboard. At first, I thought upright or grand piano doesn't have midi in / out so I was like, keyboard is better than them? - Has more functions.
But that was about a year ago thoughts - few months ago.
I just knew that upright piano also has those functions. Even better!
I've read some forums in web after I searched between Classenti and Yamaha qualities, functions, features and so on. I never thought that both of that brands are about competitive.
Do you know Kawai brand? That was the first to be ignored by them. Only at the 1st post of the thread forum, they already said:
I would like to know which one is better, Yamaha or Classenti. I think both them are better than Kawai right. So I prefer only either Yamaha or Classenti.
Kawai in day.

Kawai at night. Nice is it?

Well, the 1st discussion was something like that. It looks great on crystal design. But I guess it would need a very careful person. It's tooooooo fragile. This is not glass, this is crystal! The price is 6.4 million Yen! I heard going for $94,000!

The price 6.4 million yen (Crystal piano of a transparent, acrylic exterior) for 185cm in the CR-40A height is occasionally seen on the television.

Alright, so I decided to buy Yamaha or Classenti? In the forum, they suggest Classenti CDP2 or Yamaha CLP320 or higher. I found out in web. Now I prefer Classenti because I can see the functions very well. But not sure if there are sale around me or not. :(

Both are 'Cherry'? I like that name!

Now between these 2 Yamaha - DGX-640C (Cherry) or P95, I prefer DGX-640C because it's Cherry.
Haha not just that, DGX-640C vs. P95.
Maira Gall