Monday, December 31, 2012

Ta... WOW!

Hello there,
recently I went to Tawau and had a greaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt days (Plural okayy).
What I've observed was, Tawau is such a great place to enjoy with friends. I have no idea why do I just realized this even I'd came Tawau for 10, 11, 12, 13, 23, 28, 38, 48, 1K, 1M, 1G, 1T times?
Always, I always change my mind on this. When I'm here in my hometown, I was like, WOOOOOWW TAWAU IS GREAAAAT.
But when I'm in Tawau, WOOOOOWWWW MY HOMETOWN is great.
Anyway, Tawau is really really comparatively better than Labuan - This is for real, not changing mind anymore.
Why? Come on, Tawau is bigger, have lots of entertainment places, also have lots of relaxing places - I mean those place to share with family and picnic like that.
If you want me to compare between Tawau and Kota Kinabalu, I guess I prefer...
Tawau maybe? Because, there is many attractive people in KK that makes me feel awkwardly awkward and pissed off. :D
Furthermore, Tawau is comparatively relaxing. Between KL and Tawau?
No doubt, it's KL, everything Labuan, KK and Tawau have are there.
However, all of them are great, just depends on what your interest is.

Visit Malaysia 2012.

This is really 'swerve' - I mean out of topic.
I've spent so much times with Xei, my sister (cousin + bff). We'd enjoy so much there! XDDD

This is Xei. My cute bff. :3

We compose song together, shopping together, laugh together, happy together, fall in love together. Haha!
The most memorable part of us recently was when we were tried to take pictures with a big teddy in a shopping mall. We took some, her 2 and mine 2. But then the staff saw us and angry.
I was something like
"Hey Xei I would like to buy this cute teddy.................... But oh no! It is torn so I'm not going to buy it... Haihh. :("
(Am I a great actress?)
Staff (worker): We don't allow you to take picture of it!!!
Xei: *talking to the staff* "The teddy is torn oh no. :/"

(I hope the staff heard that and going to paste any where in the teddies region.)

Lots more memorable things but this was the embarrassing one. Haha!
The pictures of us with the teddy are in PC. /.\
Maira Gall