I've no idea what to post and the title? So, I'd just put HAPPY since those malware had been fully removed.
Erm, malware? Malicious software which I've no idea where and how did I get it. Of course, I'm not going to download it for myself right? So, means, I don't know where did I get. Maybe from unknown softwares that I'd installed.

Unknown softwares? Talking about softwares, this is good (Y) LIKE :D
I'm an pc discoverer. The more failure I get (such as viruses and blah3), the more discover I do. What crap?

Nah, sorry I was crapping. Above statement isn't virus. It's typing faster as 350km/h - Lamborghini acc.

Alright! What now? Green screen? Okay. I'm on progress to do as EXPERT. (Will I? -___-)

December 28th of last year 2011. I didn;t post my birthday updates right? Haha. Who cares? But I care, I want to post it. Later or never (I've no time so you don't have to worry)

What is MALWARE?
Malicious Software;
Well, back to the main topic. I used the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove the malware.
And... Erm. You know what's malware effects? It'll let your search (such as Google search) redirected to another page or other search engine. Let say, you were looking for... Youtube? Alright, you were searching youtube on google search. Then you click the search result. But suddenly you were redirected to strange Google results (eg.: http://www.abnow............). That means, you had infected with MALWARE!
Easy statements by a google support:

If you're seeing suspicious pop-upsunwanted toolbarsredirectsstrange Google search results, or other unexpected behavior on your computer, you may have been tricked into installing malicious software (also known as 'malware') on your computer. In this article, we've provided some recommendations on how you can prevent and remove malware. (Note that Google isn't affiliated with any of the programs we suggest in this article, and we're unable to vouch for their effectiveness. Our users have told us they often work.)
If clicking a Google search result has redirected you to a suspicious site, please report the suspicious sitebefore trying the anti-spyware software below. This will help us investigate malware activity and hopefully help prevent it in the future.

How to remove those malware?
I hope this really works:

Download it and D.I.Y. :D
(You'll understand when you opened it)

More info and more malware remover and other things about this and my resources:

I hope this helps :D


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