Journey to...

I'm just back from Tawau on that 24th. But I was too lazy to update blog because of I'm having too many updates to post. Until I forgot what of them.
Maybe I'm going to post about my journey there only?
It was not so bad... Going there and enjoy... That's all.
But what I saw there were thrilling =\
We, I mean me and my family saw about 3 accidents so far not including the "foot prints" of an excruciating accident of a travel bus. I took a picture of one of them. But I haven't upload it because it's on my dad's phone :D
It was, 2 times I wake up from my sleep on journey, I wake with an alarming scene. Seeing the accident. Horrifying that makes me nervous. Pray for us hoping we're safe back home.
Gratefully, we safe back home and now you see I'm updating this blog. Now, I'm sharing about it.
If not, badly, this isn't me =\
On the way back, we went a night in Ranau...We back at night and suppose to go on the one-storey homestay for the 1st time. But my dad was entering in the wrong junction. (It was not taking much times to enter the junctions, it's just, you can see them from road way. It was just having confusing junctions that you thought it's going to the same way - because it's night - dark). So we got to the double-storey homestay and it was not bad.
We were the 1st guest for that homestay. It's brand new! Not so bad but comforting - since it's new and we're the 1st. :DDD

bed (almost wanna checkout)

please understand the condition XDDD

On the next day, reached Menumbok... Getting ferry! OMG! We saw an accident. Yes, right when I just woke up again =="
Taking a picture - not spam - GREAT!


<-- This girl is wanted. By Kang Dae Sung (BIGBANG)

Daesung: She ran away from me. Now I'm alone.

just for fun :D

Reach home!
A few hours later, I online:

Notifications actually 99, not 36
Shock of that. How am I going to click them all?
Nail exercise at least. To make them slim :DDD

Btw, I spent a lots of time with Xeira Love (Facebook Name) :D

❥ END for December!

-sorry for not updating this blog. I expect no one would visit my blog.-
Ahha, and 1 more, 26th.
My mummy went to KL. Cook the best of me :D


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