Friday, November 11, 2011

Brunei [PART 2]

Almost 2 weeks ago before I posted the Part 1... Been rather busy these two weeks... It's end of year and I don't even have any homework or anything but I don't have idea why I was so lazy to update blog. Maybe there's no visitor coming so I just let my blog update. Unless if I've a lots of visitors then maybe I'll keep on updating... Dream hahaz ^^"
Btw, maybe I'm just going to post some pictures in Brunei and the souvenir I bought. Brought from there.
Brunei dolar okayy ^^"

not enought time for buy a lots of things :(

And also the things I got. Brought to there.
10$ of Brunei Dolar

From Malaysia with 3bags, back Malaysia with 4bags. @@"

Some experiences? Erm, maybe update soon? No no no...
What should I say?
I got scold by my teacher for having stomachache in an official function.
We went to Kampung Ayer...
We shopped on rush...
Felt sleepy but still shopping...
What else? No idea... :D
Maira Gall