Brunei [PART 1]

Tuesday, 25th November:
Everything ruins. My dream, I hope I'm going to go Brunei! But it was full. Suddenly no mood.
Ustaz Zainal brought me, Sky and Nix back home. So while going back home, he told me and Gdah that there are going to be an another Ustaz that is going to cancel, so maybe one of us can replace him.

Thursday, 27th November:
Is it too late to ask about the replacement? Yes. I asked the Ustazah, I want to pay my replacement with that Ustaz. But, unfortunately, he was replaced by another person. (Important person I guess). So I was so sad. Thanks to F_Nix for helping me about these and to Sky for accompanying me. :D Ustazah told us that she and another teachers are going to discuss about my passport.
Okay, few hours later, recess time - Ustazah asked me to meet her.
Met. Yeah, luckily, finally! Ustazah told me that I'm going to replace another Ustaz! That afternoon, just after back home, me and my dad rush (awesome, that wasn't rush XDDD) to go to the Immigration Office. Settled up those things. So happy.

I'm going to Brunei today! :D
Awesome! The money changes are not so bad.
2.40 MYR = 1 Brunei Dollar

Btw, I still have a lots of updates that I haven't post and I'm not sure that I'm going to post them.

-complicated problems-


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