Saturday, September 24, 2011

SMK Mutiara Canteen Day

Today, we'd celebrated the canteen day in our school...It was great... We enjoyed ourselves (English essay sentence==")... Firstly, when I came to the school stops(something like bus stop but this is for parents stop their car to fetch their child-small?)...Then I miss called my friend, so she called me back...lolz... She said she and Gdah is waiting me on that pavilion...So Salina and I went through the pavilion and finally met them... Great, I've sent those our fav songs' official instrumental and I've printed the lyrics... We made a concert with our Mini Album which we'd faked them from Big Bang's...XDDD (Mini Album?! - OMG)
After for a few minutes, we enter the school... Great, nothing was great... We feel like, it was not really exciting like last year... No idea why... But, something unexpected happened... It was awesome! I was really something like "WOW THIS IS AMAZINGLY FORTUNATE EVENT AND IT WAS EXTREMELY AWESOME! DOPE!" :D
Guess why? Now I tell you, luckily, my friends and I felt hot under the sunlight so we decided to go upstairs of the stage to get some wind(I plan to get breeze but I'm not sure them, I guess they'd planned to meet some friends on the stage-such a lot of people on the stage)...Suddenly I saw my friend, Lye was singing the Karaoke (we got Karaoke on that stage - pay RM2per song - 2coupons), well, my head is extremely addicts bass on that big speakers... BASS OUT LOUD!!! So Fathin and I planned to ask Lye to sing Love Song... Looks like I was still having about 4coupons(I guess?)... So I'd spent Lye that 2coupons and ask him to sing the song...I got the lyrics, the official instrumental in my phone - which I'd transferred them into my phone last night <- amazing right - something like, unexpected?! Then, luckily I brought my earphone with the connector... You know Sony Ericsson right? I brought the sets :D
So, Lye sang the song feat Fathin... After that, Fathin asked how about if we ask Lye to sing High High? Oh man, that was awesome right? So I booked to sing that to... Sang by Lye :D
But unfortunately, I'd played the High High original - not official instrumental... Btw, the teacher - DJ I guess, he gave us compliment...He said, "you can make album recordings"

Btw, I'd slept for about 6days of in Facebook and I got about 45friend requests... I've no idea what made my friends added me, thanks a lot :D

Freinds: 2525 (nice number)

Maira Gall