Eid al-Fitr Celebration in SMK Mutiara

Today my school was celebrating the Eid al-Fitr... For this year celebration, not so bad, not so good... I'm not blaming the rain in the morning, but looks like I'm going to blame the plan... They (- whose they?) prepare about, 6-8camps for each forms... 1camps for 1form and the others, for teachers... I really thought that was a bad idea... My friends too...
The food I brought from home - which I have to bring for that celebration doesn't have any change, not be eaten at all (I guess) - my friends too... This is all because the plan is so bad... If the celebration was celebrated in class, I'm sure this will not happen...
Btw, we'd took so many pictures of our class (although this celebration was not happening and cheers like previous years)

taken by Rafiq
camera of Maslina
edited by Fazera
Watch my Facebook profile change! - employers and profile picture :X 1more thing, does Bigbang is going to Malaysia? (I mean, it was past or going to?)

Whatever, how are they going to make their concert without Kang Dae Seung? :'(

I hate this ceLovereSong (celebration) :D
1minute before 00:00


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