Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Finally my Bahasa Melayu homework finish! I'm so glad (since I'm so hard to finish them - 350words essay)
Well, let me see, I still have a lots of works to do... I have a new project - 4 projects to be precise -___-
That's not including the School Projects yet... (Even there's school project, I'm not gonna finish them :P)
How was my day going? Well, not so bad, watching and acting in front of tinted windows that's all - LOL #NotSoBad -___-
I'm having a page for my blog, how I wish my page could reach so many likes =\
Here's the link:
(Sharing quotes, jokes and songs)

Actually, I don't really have ideas for posting a blog post,
this is just a brief post to make my previous post become the older post :D
Maira Gall