Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost the same!

When my first listen of Hands Up by 2PM, I was like,
seems like heard before, but where? lol
Then I heard this song again with my friend, Dayang Fathin, I told her, that songs seems heard before right?
Then I said again, yeah, that was Like A G6! So, we tried to combine them with my SE Walkman... Not combine, just listen to the bass only...
Then after I back home, I switched on the laptop right away...
Open the Vegas...
Then combine those songs ; 2PM-Hands Up, FM ft. Dev-Like A G6 and Like A G6 instrumental...
I found out it turns like the video above... I rendered them and post to Facebook and Youtube straight away :D
Btw, is that called copycat? =X

New Update:
I almost forgot to update about this, well, my school is about to have Best Class of the month... For this month, it will take the decoration of National Flags since this month we're going to celebrate National Day...
So, we've found out that a class was trying to copycat our decoration!
Watch this:
by : Gdah Azam
prove :D
Need more prove? Good idea, just watch on the color, which one is first colored - which one first created?

2copycats detected; 2PM+4PTN...Haha... Just for laugh :D

New Update again:
Since today is the last day school... (1week later we're going back school starts terms back -___-)
We took pictures and videos in our class - really happening :D

Camera by : Gdah Azam
taken by : Dayang Fathin
I bet you would know which one am I if I tell you that I'm the character for the song "Honey and the Bee" with lyrics, "Boy, I need a hug"... =="
Maira Gall