Breakfast in McDonald's

Like my previous post, I've mentioned about the
Breakfast+3 Hibiscus 2010Reunion+Mar Pop's Farewell+Adli's Farewell...
But on 19th August 2011 (2 days ago),  only * (unidentified number of peoples-kept private XD) came to that reunion...
Btw, I was late came there... Until I reach McD and there are full...
On about 6:34a.m (breakfast already right?), I was still standing in front of my friends' table... I was so blur... Behind my friends' table was already breakfast while I haven't... I was searching for my chair... And there's two kids I asked their table chair... Thanks :D
My meal was Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge maybe?) - favorite meal ^^"
Until at the end of the feast, we spam:

not ready XD

like sweet couple ^^"
but my pose looks nerd =="

Actually I have a lot more pictures that my friends didn't upload. Crazy pictures. It was when my friend was about to do something on her camera and suddenly clicked the 'snap' button, so I was quickly under the camera hoping my face would be fully in the frame. XD


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