My ex-class

Yesterday until tomorrow, my sister is in Kota Kinabalu done somethings...
So I'm something like dominating her room ^^"
I took pictures in her room with her dresses (OMG =\)
Btw, I've already printed some pictures of my ex-class : 3 Hibiscus'10, SMK Mutiara, Labuan F.T.
Oh My God that class was awesome!!!

the pictures of 3 Hibiscus 2010

I'd circled something
> don't you think that bottle sauce seems floating?
This Friday, my ex-class (3Hbc'10) and I've planned to make reunion+breakfast :D
I wish everything will going all right...

Btw, when I'm in my sister's room, I've took some of these pictures:

4 of the photos

best 2 photos (for me ==")
Your eyes pain? Oops, sorry, I love picture spamming >.<"


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