Saturday, August 13, 2011

Famous and Fabulous HAHA!

Last night Gdah Azam requested me to post something on my blog, well now, I did it! Last night, while I was sleeping, I dreamed I'm posting something for my blog since Gdah Azam requests me...
I was posting a post entitled "Exciting" and the post item was something like:
Now I'm going to my uncle's house
 Yup, I dreamed I was in my dad's car... Both of us going to my uncle's house... I brought my laptop on my way there...On our way going there, I was making my blogger update...
And the funny thing was, my uncle's house was exactly my imagination number... The house number was 303... My uncle is going to live in that house, that's why we'd to go there to check the construction whether the house status is fine or not...

Btw, that was just a dream... Talking about real life, now I'm famous and fabulous, watch this:

Maira Gall