Healthy Drink

Wish you happy on this Ramadan onward! For Muslims, everyone gonna fasting on this month and finally, celebrate the Eid Day! On this 30days fasting, I have tips to stay strong within a day... By eating the oat...
I don't owned the picture of the after made oat... But I have the stuffs ^^"

1st, put sugar (1spoon is enough)
(obviously, I'm not using DSLR)

2nd, put oat
(4spoons min. - to have a great taste)
(when it's not on a big amount, it looks watery)

3rd, finally, put this Ensure Vanilla...
Up to you whether you gonna put it after or before you pour the boiled water.
About 1-2 spoon (spoon provided in tin)

Yeah, tastes great! Good luck.... Simple update.... :D


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