Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too good to be true

Now I'm discovering for the course I wish to choose on University - Architecture or Civil Engineering...
Lately, my bro told me that both courses are same, but, after I google ("google" is now accepted in Oxford Dictionary) them, I found out it is different... This makes me confuse... I'm surfing the International Islamic University and it turns courses and 2 of them are :

  • Engineering
  • Architecture and Enviromental Design
I believe my bro because he has a friend chosen Civil Engineering course in Samarahan, Sarawak... In fact, my bro is already graduated (I guess) in his INSTEP (Institut Teknologi Petroleum [Petronas Management])... I was such blur to choose one of them, but maybe I'm too young too choose it.... I have 2 years more to prepare, means I haven't take my SPM yet.... I'm still in form 4 in secondary school... But I really really wish to know about these so later I can easily choose them... In my surveys on the salary, it makes me strives more effort on engineering :P

I read this too :
It says that Civil Engineering and Architecture is different...
If you have an artistic talent and favor form and function, I would suggest architecture, if you enjoy mathematics and the physical sciences and applying those concepts to real life, I would suggest civil engineering. Architects are concerned with form, function, aesthetics, owner wants and needs, and space limitations. They are the ones who design how the building LOOKS. Pay for an architect is mediocre when first starting, but becomes competitive once you are promoted. Civil engineering is a broad field with subtopics such as construction, structural, highway, transportation, geotechnical, environmental and land surveying. Civil Engineers deals with the design.... (read more...)
And finally, I guess I should choose Civil Engineering.... Best choice I guess.... Why? Read below...
screen captured at here

Highlighted with red = my favorite color, I like!
Highlighted with blue = I don't like this... =\
Final decision : CE (Civil Engineering)
But what makes me still wonder, when I view the International Islamic University (IIU)'s website, there's no "Civil Engineering" course... @@"
Here's the link:
Maira Gall