I'm sorry, I'm late

I'm suppose to post this post maybe 1-2 months ago :D
My uncle, Mr. Satashi Nakamura gave us this "snack" (I guess)
100% from Japan and from Japanese...

the box

4 pieces inside the box

2 flavors

Expiry date =="

What's this? T&C? or Ingredients? or maybe Directions? Haha
I was so busy until no time to update this kind of things which I need to upload and edit the pictures XD.
Next thing, I forgotten about the, I was completely uploaded the 慢慢懂(man man dong) Album by 汪苏泷(Silence.W)... Here's the link : http://lolipop-begin.blogspot.com/2011/08/silencew-album-download.html :D


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