Friday, July 1, 2011

Teachers Day? (maybe...)

Yesterday, Thursday, 30th June 2011,
my school held a Teachers Day (I guess... But we have to bring foods for party in the class and teachers should come to our class)
So some of us brought foods and drinks...(which I don't used to mention them all right?)
I brought *kuih-muih (find this in google search Malaysia if you don't know)
But no teacher come to our class... The only teacher came was my Malay Language teacher, Mdm. Siti Zaharah...
And the other class didn't bring any foods at all... This is weird, the prefect told us to bring foods that day, but no one brings it... Only our class bring them and held the party... While the others, playing the sports so-called *"Sukaneka"
This is sweating us... Luckily our friends in 4CST came to our class and enjoy those foods! But not all...
1more thing, my class decided to make a slideshow for my principal because she is moving to a new school...
(She just moved today and our school held celebration for her and for our new principal)
For making the slideshow, we need the pictures of her right? So Amiratul brought digital camera to take the pictures of her before she move.... She brought that Thursday and our ex-principal wasn't there...
We don't know where she was... So we just enjoy ourselves by spamming our own pictures!
This is what I've got for my SS(siok sendiri) picture :D

this is my weird face ever =="
Weird it is? Yeah one of my friend mentioned me that this picture looks sexy...
I was like OH MY GOD!!!
She views the camera digital and show me my SS pictures.... I really am... And I was a bit admit that this picture looks sexy...I mean my face, not the dressing... Amazing =="

The cake of the party (the last food we ate):

cake made by class monitor i guess :D
Thanks for all!
Last thing I want to tell you, tomorrow my class going to make the warm-up for 1Sukan 1Senam 1Malaysia (For the 2nd time, I guess this is right) for my school... So I'm the DJ...Swt
Maira Gall