Absence for about 1 moon (month)

Approximately I didn't update my blog for one month.... Since last holiday...
That holiday, which is my leisure too, I didn't update it...
I'd through many horrible, happy things these days... This month to be precise...
Esp. in school... After examination finished and holiday began, I was like "OMG Blog(Totals:46) Twitter Facebook blah3"
Until I was some kind of blur whenever I was online... I don't know what should I open for the first surf...
LOL Amazing XD

By the way, I've a picture update :D

my current facebook profile picture
Suggested by Wanie :D

Great! Now I would like to tell you, to my schoolmate esp....
4IBK (my class), SMK Mutiara, is the host for the 'Senam Satu Malaysia' (something like this I hope)
Host for my school warm-up only... Not much :)
So I'm the Disc Jockey (DJ) [I guess] XD
Maybe this is all what I would like to update and spends a bit time with my beloved blog...
Gonna miss you bloggie!


  1. haha.. mention my name ar... nice feelings when I visit here ^^

  2. oh.. mention my name ar... hehe nice feelings came when I visit this blog.. keep it up^^

  3. ooh.. mention my name ar... haha nice feelings came when I visit this blog ^^ keep it up