Saturday, May 28, 2011

Facial Care :D

Do you believe that I'm using facial cares like facial wash (just see my face how worst is it?)
Not gonna embarrassing any facial brands here...
Anyways, my first (not-really-first) face wash: Oxy
Yeah it wasn't so bad... It removes my pimple(s) [note: there's "S" in pimple]
But the Benzoyl Peroxide (or what does it called[how to spell]?) really removes the pimple(s) but leaving black scar to my face...

I guess this doesn't suits me.... So I changed to Fair&Lovely which didn't left me any change...
[No Picture Available]
Then I use Oxy back :) (How faith am I towards OXY xp)
But, after that I didn't used any face wash... Because I was lazy to buy... I was too busy when I'm in form 4...
Then my mom and sister told me to buy face wash.... I decided to buy Safi but after I saw Garnier, I bought it...

behind Garnier, that's what I called
Benzoyl Peroxide...
After that, I stopped using it because I want to use Safi!!!
So I just bought Safi today~
bought two of them just now

what is this called? I never use this kind of thing

opened! what's this? Try~ Good Luck :P

The end xoxo

Maira Gall