Facebook Modified

Today just have chance to update my blog...This one whole week I absence in social network ^^"
When I opened my facebook, this appears:
this week

1week ago
I got 85 notifications on this week! Then I was like.... I thought it won't be that much... =="
Today, I've got lots updates... Which in Youtube, Blogger (this blog), Facebook...
I've update the background music here... Credits, Dexier :)
Youtube, I've uploaded a new song... Credits, Dexier :)
I've update my Facebook profile picture... Credits, such-a-bad-quality-camera, W200i (but I still loving it)
this is what I got

I took this SS picture when I was after back home from chocolates shopping...
And tonight, eats pizza while become a pizza-delivery-girl to send it to my maid's room after that :D
Btw, facebook is now modified... How I wish if my profile pictures can be moved to another private album....
But what I can do now is just download my profile pictures back and upload it into my private album...
I decided to open my profile picture as public... I mean, Friends Only... :D


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