Hangout with my classmates (30th January 2011)

Some updates of mine since the big event (hangout with my classmates! ^^)
Wanie candid this >.<"

Wanie took this picture...
She told me that she want to give this to Dex =="

Pakeis! Haha! Big smile very nice... I'll press like for this ^^
He is going to move (or already move today) :'(

4 of us .... From left, Melissa, Reyn, Nyna, Me :D

The members (some of us wasn't here)
Taken in front of Fame Financial Park (upstairs of FP) :D
Haha...these are my updates for 30th January 2011... Actually we had a big eat in KFC sponsored by our Science teacher, Puan Nik Nur Atikah since we got flying colors on our PMR... Thanks a lot ^^


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