What happens today ?

everyday I shock! shock!
Yeah I'm posting my own picture... It's kind of SS (siok sendiri) right but before the laptop memory full with my pictures, better for me to post it here and delete them in the laptop... xD
Today, I may have no interesting events... But, these weeks, I guess I have... (I may forgot on some of them)
Okay let me tell you Adli last night I can't reply your message because 12:00am OhMyGawd~ Message not sent this time... I thought I wasn't get coverage or what but, my credit expired ! >.<"
And too Eira also, I can't call you today... You told me you got many thing to talk with me, last night I did call you but why you didn't tell me all of 'em? :'(

It's okay, let bygones be bygones! xp
I'm making a blogskin... It may become this blog's skin later... Yet after I finish my tasks I'll update =D I think I love it more then this current skin because it seems a bit 'Official' and tumblrizing my blog ^^
I still need to adjust the gadgets in my new blogskin or not, I won't change my blogskin... :( (I'm bored with my current template)

I almost forgot! Yeah just now I got a free Hotlink Sim Card.... The promoter told me it was free... Then I choose the best number (by asking my maid).... Look at that, the cover! Philippine's flag! (symbol of that may a Ph sim and it may fake or pirate or whatever~[because I'm in Malaysia now]) So I asked her, why is it Ph? She told me that this number can call Ph with low cost.... (fangxinle)

I registered it.... Paid RM5 for the credit and I've got RM70....LOL... I reached home... For hours later I just memorized of my new sim card... Here they are I've opened it and suddenly...Oh it's suck! Left RM2... Then, SUCK! RM0! It's okay then... Forget about it~
I still have a lots of homeworks (given by my teachers) to do, and I don't even touch them yet! =X


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