by Sid.

Again, I'm busy... Suchlike every schools in this world, every students will get a lot of homeworks by teacher since the schools terms just start.... I guess this is to make students more hardworking and removes the "holiday mood" after holidaying on November- December.... (Malaysian School System)

Anyways, I've just made a new account in 1malaysia.com.... I hope our country social web can spread to while over our country because we're currently using facebook.com... Majority!

By the way, maybe I'm going to gives only some updates either about the video I'm going to finish or about me... Haha!

More quotes in my twitter :)
After reading this post, you understood about this post, and I think I should change the picture same as what my post is gonna be... But it's not really easy :P


  1. i luv the photo :) aww homeworks!!! my nieces are still busy with their school fair and yupp they still have pending works to do same as you. Just enjoy and think that its a big help for your future