It's my birthday

Actually, the title was a past tense... This was it
It was my birthday
Yeah! It really was my birthday... After my family and I reached Labuan, my aunt celebrate me and my brother's birthday on about the next 2days... ^^" Thanks to her...May God bless her ;)

my bro's and my name

but I already cut it actually >.<" hehe (but I know you won't realize)

the cake I took... GRRRR~ Roar3 nyum3 blueberry on the top! I ate fiercely! Muahaha!
Nope! I'm not that fierce! Hehe... ;)
Okay...Post END. I forgot when was this... But, absolutely, before my previous post! How long these pictures can stand in the laptop...zzz...sleep! xx

30minutes later.....


Just now when I was blogwalked at , I suddenly saw her plurk widget... and.. AARGH! My plurk account!!! I almost forgotten about it!!! Really long time I didn't update it!! And you know how is Plurk being played? It's like twitter, but it has a bit defference... Plurk has Karma... Which is, every time you post something, or update your pictures etc., your Karma will increase... Briefly, you can call Karma as... Grade... (something like that but actually I don't know how to describe ^^")
Erm...Anyways, even, if, I know I didn't update my Plurk... But I don't want to play it anymore (maybe)...!
And even if, my Karma is already 0 (ZERO), OKAY FINE! Who cares?! Blerk! xp


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  2. Very thanks for your inform :)
    and your bday wish >.<"
    Thank you

  3. ding dong ding dong ...happy birthday to you ~....its too late...but with full of sincerely