3rd Day : Smugging?

Sorry I'm late!!! >.<" Just making this post at night! ._.

by Alexa Williams

Okay, today, may be the last of the... erm... maybe we can call it 'stopwatch post' ... Yeah... From the 1st Jan, 2nd Jan and now, 3rd Jan... 1st day, 2nd day and 3rdday...3days only... I guess I only can update for these 3days because I don't have any idea what to post next! ^^" Ok... Erm...

School? How was your first day? (Malaysian: 3rd Jan [school terms begin])
Exciting? Muahaha xD So glad huh?! Me? ; staying in my home eating from 6a.m to 3p.m.... While other juniors and seniors, were continuing their tasks in school...
My current status:
Happiness: 5stars
Laziness: 3stars (I'm not as lazy as what you think ;))
Hungriness: GOSH! I GUESS THIS IS INSULT FOR THEM ( : students schooling just now) Nah I didn't mean that =/
Tiredness: -star

Erm... okay... I want to ask you...
When you were on your first school, what did you do? Crying, excited or what?
And why, major of children, would cry on their first school? So they thought that their parents leaving them there? Swt ==" I'm smugging because I'm not the part of them blerk ;p I even excited because when my first day school, I met a lot of friends and almost forgotten about home and family! I knew I'm gonna be a, a, a, good girl it's my first experience!
Hey and 1more funny thing, when I was small, I'm scared of flower! I guess it's the sign of dislikes the green... (Change the word green to flower). Yeah now I am =/
Ok... I've lot of task to do... Daa~!


  1. First day wasn't nice > for me..

  2. mm.. surprise quizzes on Accounting and a long lecture on Philippine Gov and Constitution that's why.. LOL!

  3. wow... I really dislikes quizzes on first school because I definitely some of them forgotten about what I'd study... haha ^^"