1st day : First of January : 2011


Hey guys... Anyone who still unconscious that today is new year?? OMG whose that? =/ hahaz just joking! By the way, well, this is my 1st post for this year :) and... my first meal was, erm.... I guess noodle or.. what...? OMG I forgot!!! Well, thats not a problem... But today is 1st January 2011... Soon, school terms begin... Luckily I'm form4 this year, so our terms begin at 10th Jan... Hehehe ;D Lazy to mention about school ><""
I'll have a lot of tasks on my table, homeworks, study, making schedule, edit [edit+render+upload] my homemade videos, repairs laptop and.... arghhh, oh man! So many, all of them may included in my schedule! This is not what anyone asks me to do, but it's just my interest... Why don't I try to make theeeese for a quick, right? :) Okay then my beautiful readers, wish you enjoy reading my blog although it's kind of wasting time that... =X keke.... Whenever you're free, just visit my blog for a read or two, or three, or four.... ! ;)

Enjoy your life although each years begin, been rather busy. But thats not a prob. Busy while enjoy. Why not? =)


  1. Mm.. my classes starts on the 3rd day of Jan. I hate that. I also have lots of school works pending.. nevermind anyway =)
    Happy New year!!

  2. Happy new year too... All the best for your new year! =)