Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 Days More - Headache! :(

by Me
3 Days to count to reach my new school terms...
Reaching Form4 (schools grade) I think will become rather busy... As the subjects are increases, and well you know, I'm taking the Religious Pure Science... And this would makes my tasks more... Needs study, practice, assignments and many more that I didn't discover yet... Yeah new subjects are coming like Chem, Bio, High Arab lang. and...blah3
This paragraph is about impressment  school!

Colorful by Me
I have a lot of tasks to do in this school reopen (again, I mention) a lot...
There are;

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Yes! It's not like what I should make... Well you know what when I was taking the pictures above? I was making plan on how to make my own resources blog! Preparing for it! Haha ;D I want to make this time, locally... I mean, for Malaysian, they should support their own Malaysia....something like that.... Well that isn't wrong right?
Before that, our class gonna make a video entitled: 
"3Hibiscus 2010 True Story"
I'm gonna find my Camera Crew or badly, I'm gonna record it alone....! Some of our class members gonna take part of this... For become an actor and actress... And now I'm going to settle up this laptop... And, getting new insiders look! Getting back the Sony Vegas Pro.... I wish all of my plans will settles clearly!

Okay, thats for the story of new terms... And now, the story of today... I'm not gonna post a post for my blogger without any event or announcement you know ;)
So today, there's so many ... What can I call as 'EVENT'...
When my parents and I was on the way back home, my dad was driving, and my mom saw a car in front of us... And she said "this brand of car in front of us now was old one right?"... So my dad replied " Yes and it is same as bro's wife (my aunt's)"... Then I said "Yes the color is same too..." (I replied confidently!)...
Then my parents said that what I said wasn't! Because the color of the car was purplish and my aunt was greenish! See how far was the color?
I was so embarrassed! I whispered! "Oh Gosh!!! How come...?! The color was Oscar's mom's car!!! Why my mind moved on him!!! oh my goodness!!!" >.<"

Reaching home, fall asleep.... Because I was headache~
Blah3...blah3...blah3...chit chat chit chat....
Eh...? What happen... Don't so noisy please... I want sleep more~ zzzz
neenooneenoo (ambulance coming)


There was an accident near our house... Rush to the kitchen because I can see the accident from the kitchen...
Zap... Ambulance gone... I don't have idea actually, what was happen, whether a bike hit a car or a car hit a bike... Weird?
My mom and sister said, the sound was so hard... But, why I didn't awake... Whatever...
By the way, the place that was accident took was had been so many times peoples had already accident there too! Be careful =X
Maira Gall