by Kaa ♚

Sometimes regret of my school... Because you know what, just see when was I start my terms? 10Jan! I guess it's too late! Other school maybe already finishing 1st chapter, but us....? And you know what, the syllabus I guess slow... Not fast as other school... :'(

Before I post this post, maybe around afternoon like that, I can't even see any one of my blog in the dashboard! I don't know what was the problem.... When I type my own URL in the URL bar, then my blog turns
No blog found
Something like that~
Then now okay already... Guess what? I was shocked when saw it! =X


  1. haha! so u should struggle yeah!!! :D

  2. I hate when that happens to my blog.. sometimes when I click a link on my dashboard, it turns into a 404 Page Not Found Page, so annoying right???

  3. Sometimes, and it's annoying..
    The Like button is a wordpress plugin..
    the continue reading is a built in feature that I can select when I make a post ^^