2tasks had finished.... I've already installed Sony Vegas Pro 9.0.... And formatted the laptop... Yeah! Very happy... And yesterday (I guess), I'd installed Google Chrome (GC)... After laptop formatted, the browser in the laptop was Mozilla Firefox... I'm not comfort with it because whenever I'm online in facebook and someone chatting with me, a stupi_ alert box will appear to have permission for download the pling sound (pling sound is a sound when someone send you a message in chat)... Try it yourself to be precise ! :P

Google Chrome startup :)

By the way, maybe our class going to make our class video, and I'll try edit the video a.s.a.p ! :D

And now my question is ;
Which one would / currently you use? Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox (MF), Opera (Opr.), Netscape (NS), or Google Chrome (GC), or any other?
My answer : I prefer GC :) How about yours? 


  1. I'm using mozilla.
    Wordpress.com is just like blogspot I think, but of course with a few features that are present in w.p. and not in b.s. and vise-versa..
    But I am using wordpress.org, it's difference with wordpress.com is that you download the blogging software and set it up on your own host, and since I am poor, I applied for a free host service. =)

  2. I prefer GC. If you download things, it will appear more you know, simple.
    Others like Mozilla, it was history for me. HEhe