Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reaching Victoria Island

by Tomo Toggi

Finally reach my hometown... Victoria Island which is known as Labuan FT... A bit tired but, long time I didn't update my blog... So I got to update something here right? Haha... Although it's not much, as long as I can tell you hows my trip then ok ler... Erm... Okay then, I've so many things to post until I don't have any idea which one the first, the last and... What to post?
Erm... Orh I have some pictures here to upload... I know you aren't wish to see but, hehe, I want to post it... Later when laptop gets format, I still can find it here ;p

Cannot upload.... :( Idk whats the prob...

By the way, OMG! Yesterday was my birthday... I almost forgot.... No way! Absolutely, I remember.... But, only a few of my friends wish me through the phone... While others, through facebook... I don't know how many peoples already post in my wall wishing me a Happy Birthday...

Hey did you know? I'm taking my PMR exam while I'm still not fully 15.... @@

Ok I'll list the wisher here (in ranges) :

  • Erra (Eira Rara)
  • 017*******
  • Hanie
  • Finasr
  • Fathin
  • ni 伏尼拉
  • Nasriah
  • Gdah
Those listed above were those who wished me through the phone... And just 1 person wish me through words... It was... My sister! Atikah Ali (just find her on my facebook...hehe)

My birthday (this year): 28 December 2010 (15y/o)
Erm... What else... Ok... Goodbye! Take Care!

Orhya... I almost forgot again! About the PMR Result was already released... It was on December23, 2010...
Last time I thought it was on my birthday! (December 28)
But I was wrong... By the way, I'm back to Labuan FT today, then went to school taking the PMR slip....

Okay just now I was dropped on Merel's blog... And..
by Merel
Special thanks to Merel and sorry for my late update >.<" Been rather busy~ hehe
I'm appreciating your gift ^^

1 more from Angel!
by Angel
Special thanks to Angel! Sorry for my late update too... :( By the way, I really appreciate your gift... :)
I'll put these two gifts whether on sidebar or site section! :)
Maira Gall