by Tomo Toggi
Did you realize any changes in my blog? Okay, what I'm gonna tell you is a big change... The changes is the cupcake above... I've just posting a new post!
I've already updated my blog theme song... Nice or not? ;) My previous song was Like a G6

Know what? I really really hate don't like Korean... Whether boys, girls, bands or whatever, I won't interested... But why am I putting this song in this blog? Isn't it Korean? Hahaz... Some of Korean songs would court me! ;D
Otherwise, it was because someone who inspires me for this song...
Someone special who could it be, this job's to big for you and me.
I guess this song was already out-of-date...? Right...? But I just know this song since.... Last week I guess... Huhu... Just enjoy~


  1. i doont believe that u hate kpop??
    i love it very much!

  2. yup i hate... oops~ im jz nt interested with it.... unless those 'clubbing' songs that... i mean... not clubbing lar... jz some of them... but if band, culture or wat, im nt interested... =/
    im jz interested wit chinese n japanese :)