by Tomo Toggi
What happened these days?? I didn't update this blog for days!! Yeah... I've told you about the problem, my pc, spoiled... Laptop, infected by viruses until can't connect with the internet... :'(
By the way,
Don't worry be happy
 Lolz... My brother will fix it... He's a professional (chiu ==")... Yes he is! =P zzz

Anyway, one of my friend told me that, my blog posts is sooooooooooo long... Until she felt lazy to read... She said, my current post isn't like those my previous posts that I put some smileys and many cuties... Different than now, I was just put a picture, and, they there are! Finish~ Publish post.... Let peoples read~ diu~~
 OMG~ I'm just posting a boring post... Nevermind then, I'll improve... These long posts was just my babbles right?

By the way ,

 My class is making a party in Pizza Hut... I'm not sure I can attend on the party or not, because I'm going to KK (going to the SMC) for 2 days. After that, I'll be back to Labuan and again, going to Tawau (also through KK).... Enjoy! I wan to buy CDs for Adobe Package (pirate one) in KK because my friends told me that there are affordable... Maybe I can get from my brother for free but, I want to have my own! Whenever I want, I can just simply install with the CDs.
-End of paragraph-


  1. can you give me a copy of your template html code??
    it is so cute. i failed to downloaded the code on blogskins. email;