Hatred! :(

The 1st time I was made the ABJZ video! This is not just a memory, but this was my first time rendering a video in Sony Vegas Pro 9.0! ;D

So glad to remove the extension below... It's bothering me during my chats... How to say it is? Just try, and you'll know how hard using it! I'm not boycotting, but I am alerting ;) It's in my opinion...
Smiley Central extension which I already removed...
You can completely remove this extension just by the pictures below and above :)
Firstly, what you need to do is remove/uninstall this program : "Mywebsearch"
It is located in your Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
"Mywebsearch" is the name of both Webfetti and Smiley Central...
Yeah! When I was uploading the ABJZ Labuan in full HD, yeah it's really HD, it was lightning and stormy!
So I stopped uploading it, and in the next day, I got a new ideas from friends and brothers! So I made new one! Which is well-called as *updated!*
The HD ABJZ video which I cancelled uploading
Here's the link which I already shared to my Facebook: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M6ajn_z0eo

All of these pictures were without any edits, that's why you can see everything at the desktop... You may confuse about it... Sorry :(
I'd no time to edit... Not just no time, but.... The editor software was gone with those viruses!
BitDefender could just whether moving it to quarantine or denies the access of those files infected! :'(
And what my friend just knew is, the virus is from Iran... OMG! I guess it was from those Iran's who added me, and the one who forced me to add him! :( I don't like them if they were really did these! I won't approve Iran... See my mood first lar... Whether I'll approve you or not...
Please be note that you can't just simply approve Iran peoples because some of them may detecting your IP address from your Facebook E-mail and send the viruses via Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
Said one of my friend... It's a very difficult thing when you get this kind of virus... My BitDefender, keep on alerting me like this :
BitDefender Virus Alert that frequently appears at the right bottom of desktop!
It's just bothering me doing anything with this laptop! Aargh! Calm down baby :)

By the way, I'm wishing you a Selamat Menyambut Aidiladha 1431...
Just now I was making the Beef+Satay's kuah ;) and Buras... Nyum3 Nyummy!


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