I need rest...

by Martyna
I'm not gonna talk about bubble, but I'll babble here due to my unadapted blog... Yeah!
Firstly, I am so............... HAPPY!
Definitely! Anyone will happy to get applause, right? Lied me to say no (unhappy) ! ;D
By the way, hey, did you heard about Aqilah was applauded by peoples that older than her? OMG! She's very happy... Eh, that's me (I'm Aqilah) ! :)
Can't you see my happy face shown? Ooou~ Aaa~ ^^ (I just realized that too much smiley in this post)
Talk about the applauder, it's from Ummi, bro Ao, bro Jo, bro Syamil and bro Nasrul! Wow! I am soooo happy! Really! Actually I... love those brothers... They were very handsome!  can't say anything accept, thanks to my God, Allah, syukur Alhamdulillah for these applauses... I'm so grateful... Since than, I was just, was just like, I just like friends with them... Anytime, when we have free time, we'll take a time to chat... ;)
Orh ya! I almost forgotten.... This is a well-sad story from me (cheh, it's not that sad ==") :

Last time, when I was adding all the brothers, Ummi and Ibu, yes, they approved me.... Accept, Ummi and Ibu...
I thought I'm annoying Ummi and Ibu
But, happy moments suddenly come! I posted the video I created, and put in the cast, Gdah Azam and Aqilah Ali (me) were the Video Editor! ;)
Guess what? They were very glad with me, maybe because "we" made that video...
OMG! I can't post longer... Look at that! It was storm!
by Romantic-Gestures
As fast than I can say, it's already raining... Syukur Alhamdulillah... Maybe it's barakah... :)

P/S : Haha! I'm uploading the ABJZ Video I was created but this one is the Full HD version! So slow! :(
Ahha! and one more! I need rest after one whole day in front of laptop.... I scared if using the spectacles! It's a nightmare for me! But I really love peoples wearing it... Eheheh ;) Just like ____... Aargh! What the?!


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