I'm Still Wondering

by Moo
What I wish to say in this post is, I wonder, how the owner of this house can live in this weird gorgeous-house? No way... I'm not talking about these right now, it's no need... So I'm gonna talk about I wonder... Why am I still missing the .... program (ABJZ) ;)
Yes I'm sure will! Even every persons will! If not, he/she might be a no-feeling-person... You better not to find these kind of friends... Joke! ;D
Lets start to the main topic, I miss the program... So miss miss miss miss.... For me, being a "SS" peoples is easy... Simply make my own program that the contents is rather doesn't have a big difference... Simply say:
Pintu telah dibuka, sila masuk dan duduk :D
Haha... Spot who... And this one more!
Tak Ada Lagi!
OMG! Better not to say ^^
What else~ Let me memorize them back~
Lakaran Cinta 
OMG! Thats amazing... Girls will melt to hear that >.<"

Whatever! Stops! I better not to post anything about that program anymore! Because I guess, "someone" is reading.... And "someone" already know about these... I'm a fan of brothers in ABJZ... It might be a mistaken on my posts! Oh no.... How did Brother AO knows about "my-blog-contents-many-things-about-bro-Jo"...
by Georgia Phillips
No way... I didn't right? Btw, I'm a fan of Raudhatus Sakinah ;)
I wonder, why should I miss that program? Past is past, you can't repeat the time. unless you rotate anticlockwise and you'll SS with your own way... Let me say something, this program contents many cute boys and beautiful girls... Arghh! What?! this program made me changed into a good person....
I know I am already good, but I was improved become the best ever!
Who write above? Not me right?
Whatever... Readers are start spinning their heads reading this post....

by Kristianen Nicole
Although I didn't get anything(gift) in ABJZ program, but I now have a new experience to share that I have a handsome brothers am now a good girl! ;) Let me being the best.

This post is an out-of-date story... Even the brothers, ummi and ibu already forgotten us, and even, they were in other places... There's still many other schools they'd to go to give these kinds of program... :'(

Dearest ABJZ (represents brothers, Ibu and Ummi), I'll keep your words, I will do as what ABJZ told us...
Anda Bijak Jom Jauhi Zina
by *one of my friend*
Joke3 :D


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