Monday, November 8, 2010

Experiencing, gaining!

by Someone

Hey readers! How are you today? I'm just back from camp yesterday... Yesterday I was so tired until can;t update this blog because I don't have any idea to update! Hahaz
By the way, let me tell you how was my first time camp goes ;P

November 5th, 2010 :
It was my first time camp...
Gdah Azam asked me... How's my first time experience? So I said... Not bad :)
 Firstly, I forgot what was going on...

November 6th, 2010 :
On the next day... It was a very exhausting day... Maybe we can call it a day... So many on the go activities we played.... It was, kayak, paint-ball, obstacles across and many more! When we was kayaking, we must leap on the river! I don't know why! I don't like that... The river water was so.... dirty!!
After that, Gdah and I went to take a bath... Others, not yet! Haha... Yet, we are late to go to the paint-ball!
OMG! We was so scared... Btw, we still play paint-ball... Our timetable was reversed from my friends group! They were between the 1-6 group... But, me and Gdah were on 11th group... Between the7-12...
So any activities, we would be the second last... :(
My friends were fortunate, because they were paint-ball first, then kayak... So they don't need to take bath many times like us... Kayak, then bath... Paint-ball, obstacles across, again, bath! Night, again, bath! At least we are cleaner than them ;D

November 7th, 2010 :
Cultural Night
Last night to go! No barbecue :( At least we're still can eat... Delicious foods they'd served! :)
Last day... We just won hamper of "Terbaik Kerjasama" Group... Which means The Best Cooperating Group...
Gdah and I, ignore it! Because, when we done mistakes, we got blamed by the leader! Silently, we were so angry! But, our leader loves one of our best friend... So, Ahmad told us, he can't blame us... Because he loves our friends... If he blame us, we then hate him, my friend (the one he love) will hate him too!
By the way, our theater in the cultural night was..... spoiled!
I am so tired now... Each part of my body feel like want to crack!
by /hitgirl
Let's Sleep and Play! ;D
Maira Gall