Friday, November 5, 2010

I got to go!

by Bunny
OMG! (Shocked) ;D
Hey readers... I was really shock that
I am going for a camp.
I never took part of camping activities... But I don't know, this year, for the Girls Guide, I chosen by my teacher to take part in this camp (with an enforcement). But, I just regard, she's my teacher... How come I dare to fight with her... =="
Anyway, our camping takes about 3 days... Starts from this 2p.m until Sunday 2p.m.
I never joined camps... So, I can't imagine how's my camp goes....
So I'll be giving you these candy for you to eat while waiting my updates 3 days later ^^
 Hope that you'll appreciate this funny gift... :)
by Nadya Hudaya
From now on, my blog will not have any update along these 3 days due to my inactivity.
Take care readers! Regards <3
Maira Gall