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Name: 【あきら】 Aqilah Ali
D.O.B: December 28th, 1995
Birthplace: Malaysia
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Color: Pink.
Favorite Food/Drink: Edibles, drinkables. :D
Drawing, planning, building (What), playing musical instruments, composing musics, photo shoot, cinematographies, cooking, script codings, blogging, dreaming.
Bio: あきらさんわが癖絵です=)

53 Words

Loves and hatred

wishes come true
what if I say you?

Wishing well

wishes come true
wishes came true

22nd May 2014:

I am young, bold and free.
LIGHT IT UP+UP.  Before my flight to KLIA lol. Really hope @b... on Twitpic

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